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Get Your Own QR Code Today.

We've given you some QR Codes ideas to build a buzz around this new advertising technique. Curiosity from the current tech savvy consumer will drive them right to your doorstep.

As a QR Code advertiser, you will find yourself in the position of teacher in addition to your already busy duties as jewelry store retailer. But our guidelines below will save you time so you don't have to wade through figuring this out.

So far, in all our previous blog posts, we've not told you what QR Code actually means. Wondering? The "QR" means "Quick Response" which refers to the ease of transfer from a physical ad into the online world. The user does not have to type. All they need to do is take a photo on their cell phone and they are whisked away to a website.

We have 3 recommendations right now for generating your QR Codes.

1. Using your Google Places account you can print out the "Google Favorite Places" sign and use that in your ads. Of course that means your barcode will bring them to your Google Places account so make sure it's really well prepared. (This setup was demonstrated during our jewelry website webinar series.)

2. You can use the website to generate a shortcut URL and associated QR Code for you. It's easy to paste your mobi website URL into their system and have them give you a trackable URL, and an easy to use automatic printout for you. No thinking needed! What they create for you is suitable to put in your window or print on a postcard. Or you can give it to your graphic artist designing your next print ad so they can copy the barcode. The advantage of using is that they give you statistics on how many people scanned your QR Code. Visit to get started.

3. You could use a direct QR Code generator to simply convert your URL into a barcode. Our recommendation (naturally) is Google's QR code generator, but you need to be using the Google Chrome. Visit: for details. You would need to track your own statistics with this method. The benefit of this is that you are not relying on some other company that might go out of business, and in the process seriously harm yours. This is the hardest option, but if you already have a serious online marketing strategy then this is the strategy for you.

Tech savvy customers will already have QR Readers on their cell phones. You will have regular customers who see your ad and ask what it's all about, so here's what you need to know. All smart phones have the ability to load QR Code reader applications; you just need to find the right ones.

We've set up a shortcut URL that will lead each person to QR Code Readers for their phone. Just go here: from your cell phone web browser.

It would be helpful if your own phone was set up with this technology so you could demonstrate it for them.

Let us help you.