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Basic QR Code Advertising Ideas

We're giving you a few specific blog entries relating to QR Codes and how to use them. First, take a look at this example from Bordeaux France:

That's a huge sign in a high visitor traffic area of Bordeaux. Confused visitors can scan that sign from their phone and get more information about the city. You could try it right now if you have a QR Code reader on your phone. Just scan your computer screen. (Search the App Store for a free QR Code Reader.)

Of course that example is 4000 miles away from the USA, so how can you apply this QR Code advertising to your jewelry store?

Cheap and easy examples of using QR Codes:
  • The back of your business cards
  • Store Window Signs
  • Fliers or handouts at local events
  • Store Receipts
  • Showcase Displays

When someone scans a QR Code on their phone they are immediately directed to a mobile website you created.

Since QR Codes are still a relatively new technology, curiosity will be the driving force for people to interact with you.
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