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Successful Google AdWords

Unlike traditional advertising where you cross your fingers and hold your breath while your message is broadcast to a general audience, ads on Google are shown only to people who indicate an interest in your product or service at the precise moment they're looking.

Our monthly service fee is a fixed amount, but the AdWords expense will fluctuate for your needs. Spending is 100% accountable and you will know exactly what type of customer you attracted. All customers will be within driving distance of your store.

Google AdWords is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Properly coordinated AdWords require finely tuned landing pages on your website, careful analysis of keywords and a way to track customers.

When you hire to manage AdWords you can rest assured knowing that we already know the best ads to run to target your local customers. There's no learning curve for us, and we know how to use the AdWords Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match and the extremely powerful Embedded Match. Your AdWords campaign can be running in a few days, with sales leads generated within a week!

Okay now for some proof from a typical jewelry store campaign for a 5 month period. We set up several Ad Groups, here are the highlights:

AdWords Signup
Custom Jewelry Ads
• Viewed by 3715 people
• Clicked 21 times
• $0.47 per click
• 4 people registered online for custom jewelry
19% Conversion Rate - 4 people walked into the store with proof in hand that AdWords worked!

General Jewelry Ads Group 1
• Viewed by 6319 people
• Clicked 42 times
• $0.74 per click
• 35 people registered online for 20% off an in store purchase.
83% Conversion Rate - 35 people walked in the store with proof in hand that AdWords worked! It's your job to close the sale.

General Jewelry Ads Group 2
• Viewed by 6046 people
• Clicked 26 times
• $0.70 per click
• 27 people registered online for a $50 discount coupon
103% Conversion Rate! Okay so that means 26 people walked in the store with proof in hand that AdWords worked, and 1 of those people came in twice in the last 5 months.

Pandora Ads
• Viewed by 1908 people
• Clicked 22 times
• $0.44 per click
During the past 5 months, 52 people registered online to receive a free Pandora gift with purchase. That's 236% Conversion! And that demonstrates the attraction repeat customers.

In 5 months, after spending a total of $2499, this store received 118 total sales leads, that's an average or 23.6 new/repeat customers a month at the cost of $21.17 each. Over longer terms that $21.17 will drop significantly.

$2499 total advertising expense in 5 months

That included $450 setup
That included $755 for 5 new landing pages to track signups
That included $1125 in our monthly service fee
That included $149 in actual Google AdWords spending.

So what do you think your true Return on Investment (ROI) will be for each customer? Other than a watch battery, do you even sell anything in your store that is less than $21.17?

Don't wait, don't think about it. Cancel your radio ads; Cancel your TV ads; CANCEL your Yellow Pages and SIGN UP with AdWords today!!

If you sign up today we'll include enough updates for your existing web pages to whip a few of them into quality Landing Pages as needed for AdWords.

Just CLICK HERE fill out the form to get started!!

When we manage your AdWords, your customer targeting is more accurate, your cost per click is lower, your ads appear higher, and your AdWords ROI goes up!.

Don't listen to people who tell you to spend $500 or more per month on a pay per click campaign. We only tell you to allocate $50 per month maybe $100 at most. You pay us to accurately target your customers.

No other advertising method allows you to track your ROI as accurately as Google AdWords. No other advertising method provides reports of what works and what doesn't.

Forget about guessing games with other advertising!

Migrate your advertising budget to Google AdWords today!

Here's what you pay today:
$450 for AdWords Account Setup
$155 for Special AdWords Offer Page
$155 for Each Specific Landing Page
$225 for One Month of our Basic Monitoring Service
$50 to Google escrow for the per click charges

If you sign up today we'll also tweak any pages on your site that we will use as additional Landing Pages.

That's a value of $56 per page.

Just CLICK HERE fill out the form to get started!!

You pay $1035 today, and then $275 each month hereafter.

Results are typical. Google AdWords generates legitimate, trackable sales leads. All you have to do is close the sale when they walk in the door.

Proven results showing an average of 23 new sales leads a month.

As an extra offer, you can split the signup cost in two parts:

Pay $760 today for the setup.
Pay $275 in two weeks.

CLICK HERE to get started!!

Each month thereafter you would pay $225 on the anniversary date. But you will need to pay Google on a somewhat regular basis as your pay per click escrow money runs out. Realistically it's a $50 payment every 3 to 4 weeks.

Fill out the form below and we will start the setup process immediately. We will contact you for payment arrangements.

Still not sure? Pick up the phone right now and call 888-872-0274. Feel free to call any time day or night.

Fill out this form and We'll get started right away. We'll bill you the initial $760 and then $275 in two weeks.

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